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The expedition cruise for the winter season will consist of a project of forty days and forty nights through the Florida Keys, across to the Yucatan and down to the Panama Canal.  Working with professional scientists and equipment, projects will include collecting and counting zooplankton, sampling sea life at various depths, reporting on weather and referencing historical weather records, shore bird counts, marine mammal counts.  Results from each daily activity will be kept in an electronic log book with frequent uploads to the Web Site at


In addition, the expedition will travel to the purported site of Dinosaur extinction where a meteorite hit the earth leaving its crater in the waters off of the Yucatan Peninsula.  Kayak instruction leads to shore line explorations.


A documentary film by award winner Byron Paul Tomingas is being produced on the expedition that will highlight the SciKid activities and discoveries.  For other expedition films see:


The Marine Science activities are made possible from a generous donation from  For information on how you can contribute, please contact: [email protected]


  • Mayan Studies with on site visits in Cozumel and Tulum             April 26th 2003
  • Zooplankton collecting & counting                                            Ongoing
  • Marine life depth studies
  • Shore Bird Counts
  • Marine Mammal counts
  • Weather Reports
  • Navigation
  • Music instruction and performance
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling

Not a bare bones expedition, the Callisto has tasteful staterooms, fine dining and world-class concert musicians for memorable evenings.  Family oriented with a strong emphasis on science projects for children.   Informative hands on sessions and technical discussions on Marine Science and world topics.  Evening lectures by experts in their field round out a fulfilling life experience.


Cousins Persis & Alicia at their first decade marker have already experienced more adventure than most manage in a lifetime.  From exploring volcanoes to swimming with dolphins in Prince William Sound.  This season, you can join them for serious fun with nature and adventure. 


Set up in one and two-week expeditions, the Callisto Marine Science Camp will provide hands on experience in a thrilling setting with the experts of the craft.

















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