12 November 2003


Move over ‘X’ generation with your extreme sports, the younger ‘Y’ Generation shifts up to extreme adventures with a circumnavigation of the North American Continent.  The Tomingas family comprised of two brothers and two respective daughters age 10 & 12 left from Key West Florida on the 110’ Motor Yacht “Callisto” in route through the Panama Canal and then up to Alaska.  Stops are planned in Cozumel, Panama, La Paz, Monterey California, Seattle and Whittier Alaska. 


The second leg takes them around Alaska where the quartet will then attack the ice bound Northern portion of the route from the Pacific to the Atlantic ocean in a small landing craft without the aid of an icebreaker for a record making “first”.

Alicia & Persis in Key West Florida ready to begin the journey of a lifetime


During their travels, Persis Anne Tomingas and Alicia Loren Hall will work on Marine Eco Science projects designed by leading scientists.  A documentary film will be produced as a study of the people who live in the extremities of climate and the effect of global warming.  They will update their findings on a Web site and respond to other children and adults interested in their grand expedition via eMail.


Look to to see their reports and chat with the “Sci Kids” and current schedule plans.


Sponsorships are available; please visit their web site for more information.  Persis is a student at Farrer Jr. High School in Provo Utah as well as the Teton Science School in Jackson Hole Wyoming and Alicia is a student at the Girdwood and Homer Alaska Grade schools.




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