History of the M/V Arctic Wolf as developed by H. Tomingas 1994-2005

Wheel House

No longer available, replaced by the shallow draft Landing Craft SEAHORSE
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History of the ARCTIC WOLF; Developed by Henry Tomingas as a multipurpose, shallow draft, ice strengthened landing craft. As a geophysical or geotechnical research platform 1994-2005 the USA Arctic Wolf has an aft covered deck, helideck, an open archway, a moon pool, and a four point anchoring system. As a supply vessel or tug, the Arctic Wolf is equipped with with a bow mounted ramp and a deck crane to facilitate cargo transfer and pushing knees to engage cargo barges. The comfortable staterooms accommodate 24 persons.

Arctic Wolf Filming the '50 First Datesopen aft; 50 First Dates film shootM/V Arctic Wolf Side View
M/V Arctic Wolf  Loading Ramp
M/V Arctic Wolf layout drawing, top level
M/V Arctic Wolf layout drawing middle level
M/V Arctic Wolf layout drawing, lower level
M/V Arctic Wolf specifications #1
M/V Arctic Wolf Location

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